My name is Soledad and I am a fashion designer, pattern maker and 3D creator.

I am passionate about experimenting with new textures, materials, and volumes, both physically and digitally. I believe that the pieces created, apart from being useful and beautiful, must have a background, a social and environmental commitment and have a story to tell.

During the last few years I have worked in several Ateliers in Spain, learning and enjoying textile crafts and obtaining my own artisan acreditation granted by the Galician Public Foundation of Artisans.

My concerns about sustainability led me to enter the field of “digital crafts” as Burbush and at this moment I am exclusively dedicated to this new creation in my life. I help companies to reduce their carbon footprint and optimize their collection generation process. I still design fashion and moreso digitally.

What do I expect from all of this? By contributing with my small grain of sand to achieve a more sustainable and therefore better future for all of us who live on this planet.

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