The future of fashion is digital

Unlimited creativity. Zero waste.

Why digital?

Create innovative content

Shootings are no longer the only tool to create material for your networks, web or applications. 3D garments allow us to create new content to differentiate yourself: the superimposition of digital garments on real models, the creation of 3D scenarios, animations, virtual catwalks, custom avatars … creativity in its purest form!

Be more sustainable

By avoiding the creation of large numbers of samples, digital fashion is now positioned as a main pillar in the fight against climate change. Using these 3D tools, the carbon footprint of the textile sector could be drastically decreased, by avoiding CO2 emissions as well as the reduction in the consumption of materials and natural resources.

Visualize the garment before producing it

3D gives us the advantage of visualizing the finished garment with a photorealistic ending before creating its prototype, therefore it provides us innumerable advantages, among which include:

More reliable prototypes: anticipate possible issues by performing virtual fittings on a digital model (avatar). This way you will save time and unnecessary costs.

One garment, different finishes: try on different colors, patterns, trimmings or slight modifications to your garment before validating it. Also, this interesting option allows your consumer the chance to customize your pieces to their tastes.

Demand prediction: use digital images of the garment in Social Media, Web or Apps to be able to assess what will be the acceptance of the garment among your regular users.

Made to order: present different types of garments and only produce the ones you are going to sell is now possible thanks to fashion digitalization.


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